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From Kurt Schrader <kschra...@karmalab.org>
Subject Re: OT: Re: a licensing question
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 21:30:13 GMT

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, peter riegersperger wrote:

> whoa, licensing issues. always make me sea-sick.

Me too.

> so, why would this keep me from licensing my project under the gpl (with "my
> project" being my own source code?)

If your project links to Torque then you're in violation.  Stupid eh?

> for one, i could simply not redistribute torque, but tell people to download
> it themselves (that's pretty much what we do when we say people should
> download a jre).

If you need it to build then you're in violation.

> or second, i could include torque in my distribution, as long as i
> explicitely say that torque itself follows a different license scheme.

Nope, because by importing from Torque you've tied yourself to it, so it
must be GPLed as well, which it can't be because of the advertising
clause.  Stupid eh?

Of course you could always do what most people do and just not care about
it.  Or you could relicense under BSD or equivalent.


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