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From Travis Walker McCauley <tw...@unix.mail.virginia.edu>
Subject Re: Suggested fixes for Torque tutorial
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 01:22:02 GMT

I am a beginner who just got Torque running last week. It took me about
two full days and many trips to the list archives to figure stuff out
(including running the 'jdbc' target on my existing database to generate
the schema for my data).

I  agree that the DatasourceFactory issue needs addressing because that
me quite a while get passed and it was just luck that I found somebody's
suggested settings posted to the list. It did seem that there were a lot
of people who had posted with the same DatasourceFactory problems..

The other step that's missing is how to compile the OM and where to put
the Torque.properties file during runtime.

It might be worth suggesting to set Torque to use Objects instead of
primitives. My generated source wouldn't compile until I did that.

It was sure worth the effort though! I can't believe what Torque makes
possible. Thanks to all the people who created it.

Travis McCauleyy

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