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From Robert Crawford <crawf...@kloognome.com>
Subject Re: Possible Connection Leak
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 20:34:04 GMT
Keeney, Thomas wrote:
> Robert,
> I wrote a similar cron job for Jetspeed/Torque awhile back.  Check your code
> to make sure that connections retrieved for Torque are released after use.
> In older versions of Torque you have to release connections manually if
> you're retrieving connections from a database other than the default.
> Otherwise, I'd suggest you post the source or more details so we can
> investigate further.

At first, I wasn't calling Torque at all -- I was using Jetspeed's 
security manager. Once the problem cropped up, I tried calling Torque 
directly to get a connection to test, and made sure I was returning the 
connection then.

The test code didn't make it die any sooner, though.

I'm going to try the jdbc2 pool.

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