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From Robert Crawford <crawf...@kloognome.com>
Subject Possible Connection Leak
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 19:14:27 GMT
We have an application based on Jetspeed that periodically (every 5 
minutes) updates the user list from another system. In testing, and for 
short terms, everything works perfectly. However, after about two days 
of continuous operation, the system can no longer make a connection to 
the local MySQL database, making it impossible for users to log in.

There were no errors in the MySQL log, so we suspected the problem had 
to do with Torque. We set up a test machine identical to the client's 
machine and started the application there. The next day, we had the same 

Running netstat showed a few screens full of connections to MySQL. 
Trying to connect to MySQL manually failed, also, with a "too many 
connections" error.

MySQL has a default limit of 100 connections. We have Torque configured 
to a limit of 10 connections at once.

It appears there's a leak in the Torque connection pool. Has anyone else 
run into this before? Any recommendations on where to start looking to 
fix it?

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