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From Frederic Gedin <frederic.ge...@Jaluna.COM>
Subject Wrong invocation of populateObject in peer class
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 11:04:45 GMT

I suspect a bug in the code generated by Torque.  All invocations of the 
row2Object function in the "BaseRecordPeer" class are  invoked through 
the "RecordPeer" class.  Unfortunately, the row2Object function invokes 
directly the populateObject function.

As a a consequence, if I create a RecordPeer class which overloads the 
populateObject function, this overloaded  populateObject function will 
never be called unless I copy the row2Object function into the 
RecordPeer class.  I think this is not compatible with the declaration 
of populateObject to be public.

If this is a real bug, how do I record it officially?  If this is a 
mistake where am I wrong?



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