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From peter riegersperger <r...@subnet.at>
Subject Re: OT: Re: a licensing question
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:17:22 GMT
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On Tuesday 18 February 2003 22:30, Kurt Schrader wrote:
> Of course you could always do what most people do and just not care about
> it.  Or you could relicense under BSD or equivalent.

i'd rather not just don't care about it, because that's what licensing is for 
after all: that you do care about.

i just spent 2 hours on trying to get  more clarification on this issue, but 
all i ended up with was loose strings of unresolved debates.
(for example, the asf has the (unofficial) opinion that their license *is* 
gpl-compatible (stated 
here:http://www.apache.org/foundation/licence-FAQ.html#GPL), while the fsf 
claims that it isn't. hmm.)
further, i found quite some references on apache.org to projects that rely on 
apache-projects, but are still licensed under the gpl. but that might be an 
example of "just don't care".

i'm afraid this will cause me some major headaches over the next time because 
i'd like to get this right once and for all (in fact, not just for this 
single project, but for my organisation in general). i'm not sure if we 
should continue this thread on the list (people might object for being too 
much off-topic), but if someone with more insight in these issues could mail 
me in private what it means when the asf says it thinks that "the asl is 
compatible with the gpl", i'd be very happy.

thanks to everyone who answered,


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