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From Bill <bhal...@collaborativefusion.com>
Subject Re: how to use torque.useClasspath = true
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 13:55:17 GMT
> But I wonder how to use "torque.useClasspath = true" in order not to rebuild
> the jar after each modification of the templates.
> The Description says: "If true, Torque will not look in the  templatePath
> directory, for templates, but instead load them from the classpath, allowing
> you to use Torque without extracting it from the jar."


The Torque jar file contains the templates Torque uses to generate the
objects and so forth.  If you remember in TDK2.1, in the build directory
there was a bin/torque directory.  Under this hierarchy was where the
db.props files were for each database, etc.  This is all in the jar now
that Torque has been decoupled.  If you have torque.useClasspath set to
true, then Torque will use the files in the jar.  If its set to false,
then Torque will use the property, torque.templatePath to determine
where these files exist in the file system.

Does this help?


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