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From Eric Emminger <e...@ericemminger.com>
Subject import/export with schema transformation
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 18:47:45 GMT
I'm trying to find an easy way to do the following.

1. import a data set into the database (e.g. from XML to PostgreSQL)
2. export a data set from the database (e.g. from PostgreSQL to XML)
3. transform the schema of a data set
3.1. rename columns/properties
3.2. convert a flat file into several related tables. Essentially, this
would normalize the data before import.

I know that Torque can export data with the datadump task and import
with the combination of the datasql and insert-sql tasks. However, I
haven't seen a solution to the transformation need.

Unless a solution already exists, I'm interested in adding this
functionality to Torque or whatever makes sense. Commons anyone?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, ideas, etc.


Eric Emminger

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