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From Geoff Fortytwo <...@ign.com>
Subject Re: clobs using torque and oracle
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:32:02 GMT
Oh. I just noticed the "RE: Torque and LOBs" thread. So apparently Torque 
just doesn't work with LOBs? Has anyone gotten BLOBS or CLOBS to work with 
Torque for any DB (although I'm personally just interested in Oracle)?

At 12:25 PM 1/29/2003, you wrote:
>Has anyone else succeeded using clobs through torque using oracle? (I'm 
>using Torque 3.0.)
>I have the schema description:
>   <table name="Tmp20030129_clob1" javaName="Tmp20030129_clob1" 
> idMethod="none" skipSql="true">
>     <column 
> name="id"          javaName="Id"          required="true"  type="INTEGER" 
> size="10"  primaryKey="true"/>
>     <column name="clob1"      javaName="Clob1"      required="false" 
> type="CLOB"/>
>   </table>
>In oracle, I created the table as:
>   create table tmp20030129_clob1
>   (
>     id  NUMBER(10)  PRIMARY KEY,
>     clob1  CLOB
>   );
>I did the following insert on that table:
>insert into tmp20030129_clob1 (id,clob1) values (1,'one');
>Using Golden32 I was able to look at the contents of that table using
>select * from tmp20030129_clob1;
>and the values are there as expected.
>However, when I use torque to get the value from the DB I get an instance 
>of Tmp20030129_clob1 where "getId()" returns 1 as expected, but getClob1() 
>returns null. So, it is in fact querying the db because if I do a search 
>for id==2 it doesn't return a Tmp20030129_clob1, it just returns null. So, 
>for whatever reason, the clob itself is just not being extracted.
>Am I doing something wrong or are clobs just not supported by the oracle 
>adapter for torque?

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