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From Geoff Fortytwo <...@ign.com>
Subject clobs using torque and oracle
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:25:46 GMT
Has anyone else succeeded using clobs through torque using oracle? (I'm 
using Torque 3.0.)

I have the schema description:
   <table name="Tmp20030129_clob1" javaName="Tmp20030129_clob1" 
idMethod="none" skipSql="true">
name="id"          javaName="Id"          required="true"  type="INTEGER" 
size="10"  primaryKey="true"/>
     <column name="clob1"      javaName="Clob1"      required="false" 

In oracle, I created the table as:
   create table tmp20030129_clob1
     id  NUMBER(10)  PRIMARY KEY,
     clob1  CLOB

I did the following insert on that table:
insert into tmp20030129_clob1 (id,clob1) values (1,'one');

Using Golden32 I was able to look at the contents of that table using
select * from tmp20030129_clob1;
and the values are there as expected.

However, when I use torque to get the value from the DB I get an instance 
of Tmp20030129_clob1 where "getId()" returns 1 as expected, but getClob1() 
returns null. So, it is in fact querying the db because if I do a search 
for id==2 it doesn't return a Tmp20030129_clob1, it just returns null. So, 
for whatever reason, the clob itself is just not being extracted.

Am I doing something wrong or are clobs just not supported by the oracle 
adapter for torque?

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