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From Sam Joseph <...@neurogrid.com>
Subject Re: Debugging Torque
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 00:37:05 GMT
Hi Derick,

You could try adjusting the debug setting in your Torque properties file:

log4j.rootCategory = ERROR, default

could be set to DEBUG.

You may also want to check the data tomcat sends to standard out.  If 
you run under cygwin or dos you can usually see this directly, but if 
you have installed tomcat as a service on windows you will need to look 
in your tomcat/logs directory - stdout.log


Derick Fernando wrote:

>I've created a web app which I have sucessfully deployed on machine at home
>and one at work, both with tomcat, win32 and mysql. However when I uploaded
>it to the servlet host (linux machine) everything seems to work fine except
>for the data that Torque is supposed to provide velocity. I am seeing all
>the logs created normally now, but no errors in any of the, that includes
>the tomcat logs and /webapp/logs/torque.log. As a result I'm having a heck
>of a time figuring out whats wrong with it.
>Any ideas?
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