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From Carsten Burghardt <carsten.burgha...@login-solutions.de>
Subject Success with Postgres
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 11:44:08 GMT
That was a hard task!
I got Torque 3.0 going with Postgres sequence-support. It just took me 2 days 
including a lengthy debug-session in Eclipse.

1) The Schema

a) <database defaultIdMethod="autoincrement">
native might also work but the db-adapter registers autoincrement

b) if Torque generated the schema, delete all default entries from sequences, 
otherwise the classes won't compile (something like "default= 

c) For each table that uses sequences add an entry
<id-method-parameter value="table_field_seq"/>

2) Torque.properties

The default entry looks like this


Unfortunately Torque tries to look up the db-adapter from a "default" entry 
and therefore doesn't find DBPostgres but DBNone (yet another bug...)
No problem: add

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