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From Caoilte O'Connor ...@caoilte.org>
Subject doSelectJoin causing stack overflow.
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:06:05 GMT
I want to use the nifty doSelectJoin methods in the BasePeers for my webapp, 
but they keep causing a


They're selecting over some fairly large tables, so I guess that's a possible 
reason, except I've tried setting limits in the criteria and adding quite 
specific criterias and I always get the same error. It doesn't happen for 
smaller tables I have, but nearly always for any function which is 

That suggests the Peer is getting too many results to handle, but I can't find 
out for sure as whenever I stick debugging code in the BasePeer java files it 
gets ignored (serialized class files elsewhere getting used instead?).

here's my criteria

crit.add(SportCategoryDetailPeer.LANGUAGE_ID, getLanguageId());
crit.add(SportCategoryPeer.SPORT_CODE_ID, getSportCodeId());
List results= SportCategoryDetailPeer.doSelect(crit);

(should generate 10 results - a join on an empty criteria generates 300);

anyone any idea why my app is recursing too deeply? 

i'm running jdk1.4.1 and standalone torque3.0


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