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From Caoilte O'Connor ...@caoilte.org>
Subject Re: can no longer delete or use transactions
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 17:43:19 GMT
ok. i managed to fix the problem, but i had to edit to the torque

Somehow the "mapBuilders" variable keeps getting screwed up and set to
null. I've checked whether it's null everywhere it's used now and
reinitialized it if it is, and now everything appears to work.

it looks like this is a serialization problem, and that the torque class
on my computer got serialized wrong somehow at some point during a
catalina restart. does that make sense? i don't even know why objects
would get serialized during a tomcat restart. is there somewhere i can
find out more about what is going on?


On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 16:50, Caoilte O'Connor wrote:
> Hi,
> Over the past week bits of torque have just started throwing random
> exceptions that seem unrelated to my code. It's weird because I've had
> little trouble with torque at all until now and now bit by bit I can't
> do anything at all with it.
> Ok. I posted before here,
> http://www.mail-archive.com/turbine-torque-user@jakarta.apache.org/msg01373.html
> and that problem still applies, and now I can't do deletes either.
> The exceptions that get thrown are always null pointer exceptions, but
> never for variables I have passed. When I delete I get,
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>         at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.doDelete(BasePeer.java:507)
>         at 
> which would appear to refer to this line in the source
>             ColumnMap[] columnMaps =
> dbMap.getTable(tables.get(i)).getColumns();
> when i use a transaction i get
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>         at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.doInsert(BasePeer.java:673)
>         at 
> after an insertion
> which appears to come from a similar line
>         Object keyInfo = tableMap.getPrimaryKeyMethodInfo();
> ie something involving how my tables are stored in the internals of
> torque appears to be seriously broken. it may all have something to do
> with me using torque standalone, although i'm powerless to know how,
> with torque throwing exceptions internally.
> does anyone at all have any idea how i can salvage my setup? I've tried
> acquiring the connection different ways, 
> - insertions work as long as i don't use transactions. 
> - deletions don't seem to work ever (but actually seem to work fine for
> some tables)
> - selects always work. 
> i don't think the problem is an sql one. i checked the postgres logs,
> and my commands aren't being run when something goes wrong (though i can
> see that too from where the exceptions occur in BasePeer). 
> it could be a pooling problem. i've tried switching between jdbcpool and
> the old torque pool though, and it seems to make no difference. also
> then, why do some things work, and the exceptions always occur looking
> at BasePeer "Table" objects and for one specific table.
> i don't remember any changes to out code that could make this all
> happen, and i have tried regenerating the code+database with torque to
> no avail
> I'm really puzzled,
> I need to know where to start looking for the problem,
> thx for any more pointers
> caoilte
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