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From "Bill Schneider" <bschnei...@vecna.com>
Subject Torque and LOBs
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 20:30:42 GMT
I'm testing to see if I can get Torque to support large objects across
different databases focusing on PostgreSQL and Oracle right now.  I've
noticed two things:

In Oracle (9.2): inserts into CLOBs and BLOBs in work right out of the box,
but for some reason, CLOB columns are "null" after a select.

In PostgreSQL (7.3): major problems trying to get LOB insertion to work.
First ran into trouble because JDBC driver metadata returns "Types.INTEGER"
for columns of type "oid" rather than VARBINARY.  Patched the JDBC driver to
return VARBINARY, but now have another problem: PostgreSQL is returning

"ERROR: oidin: error in "string": can't parse "string""

on closer inspection inside the JDBC driver somehow the byte[] got turned
into a String.  Any ideas how that could have happned?

Anyone successful using PG + Torque + large objects?

-- Bill

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