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From "Andras Balogh" <and...@reea.net>
Subject Re: how to simply retrieve value of existing row (was AW: how to use Peer.doUpdate(object))
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 12:55:47 GMT

> In one case that helps in another not.
> Also, if I do this:
> Projekt projekt = new Projekt();
> projekt.setPrimaryKey(new NumberKey(itemId));
> projekt.setNew(false);
> then projekt.getProjektParaDescId();
> is NOT returning the value that is in the corresponding row!
> How on earth is it possible to simply retrieve the value of an existing
> This is so much of a simple task!
> Torque continues to drive me crazy sometimes as very simple tasks simply
> don't appear to work intuitively at all.
> Marc


I think that you should do something like this:
Projekt projekt=ProjectPeer.retrieveByPk(new NumberKey(itemId));

Also regarding do Update i don't ever use this method only call
The save method will decide that doInsert or doUpdate should be called.
Another thing do not set the primary key of an object try loading the object
insted by using the apropiate Peer.

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