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From "Derick Fernando" <der...@xenocex.com>
Subject Re: Null Connection Object
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2003 23:53:18 GMT

Turns out it was a RedHat issue, that explains why none of the other
machines had problems with it.

In /etc/hosts RedHat apparently shipped with: localhost.localdomain localhost
should be: localhost localhost.localdomain

This problem was outlined in the MySQL Connector/J Readme

"When I try to connect to the database with MySQL Connector/J , I get the
following exception:
SQLException: Server configuration denies access to data source
SQLState: 08001
VendorError: 0
What's going on? I can connect with the MySQL client."
MySQL Connector/J must use TCP/IP sockets to connect to MySQL, as
Java does not support Unix Domain Sockets. Therefore, when MySQL Connector/J
connects to MySQL, the security manager in MySQL server will use the
HOSTS table to determine whether or not the connection should be allowed.
You must add grants to allow this to happen. The following is an example
of how to do this (but not the most secure).
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