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From "Jeremy Aston" <jeremyas...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Torque Cent for Krysalis Centipede
Date Sun, 29 Dec 2002 03:57:22 GMT

I've been using Torque for a little while now as a very convenient way of
keeping my schema design and physical db in sync.  I also use Krysalis
Centipede for automating builds.  As a result I have ended up writing a
simple cent for Centipede to handle Torque targets.  This is now available
via the Krysalis CVS repository (www.krysalis.org/centipede
<http://www.krysalis.org/centipede> ).  There is also some very basic
documentation available from my site at www.pigbite.com
<http://www.pigbite.com> .  The cent is still just beta quality really but
seems to work (some minor o/s patches to CVS not withstanding) so if you are
interested then please take a look.

As a side note, as part of the cent I wrote a simple additional target that
would translate the Anakia schema xml to Forrest xdoc and merge it in with
the content that gets automatically built by the Centipede Forrest cent.
This raises an interesting thought in my head about the cross over of Mavan
and Centipede and what the Turbine-Torque dev community think about this (if
anything).  I've not been monitoring the Torque community lists so I don't
know if there is any kind of consensus on this.

All the best and thanks for a great tool!




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