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From Martin Poeschl <mpoes...@marmot.at>
Subject Re: torque 4.0
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 19:16:42 GMT
Will Holcomb wrote:

>I don't know much about how this sort of process goes, so I was wondering 
>when development might begin on torque 4. I have some stuff that I am 
>interested in contriburing on (primarily switching to singletons from the 
>many many static methods) which would let developers use this really neat 
>java feature called inheritance. =)
>I think it could be done without breaking the existing api too badly, but 
>it is a big enough change that it would probably qualify as a new version 
>How far into a release does this project go before starting on the next 
could you please make your code available for review?


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