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From Steve Hansen <steve.han...@sinex.com>
Subject Re: Deleting by pk
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 18:07:50 GMT
I'm not sure what trouble you're having with delete...
I have code that seems to work fine doing the following.
Table A, 1 -------- Many  Table B

Criteria crit = new Criteria();
crit.add(BPeer.A_FOREIGN_KEY, aFKey);

This will delete all related rows in Table B given a aFKey value.

If your having other issues post your error messages and relevant
section of myproject-schema.xml


On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 20:10, JDiggans@genelogic.com wrote:
> So ... I've read the threads in the archives but to make sure ... is the
> only way to delete an object by using it's Peer.doDelete() method and
> passing a Criteria object that specifies the primary key? This means that
> even join tables now have to have primary keys of their own ... and that I
> have to constantly look up primary keys using normal Criteria objects, form
> Lists and iterate over them doDelete()'ing on each one. Or am I missing
> something obvious?
> Please say yes. :)
> -j
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