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From Thomas Fox <Thomas....@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: Problems migrating to Torque 4
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 08:12:21 GMT
Thomas Vandahl wrote:
> On 04.07.2013 15:52, Thomas Fox wrote:
> > Thomas Vandahl wrote:
> >
> >> - What is the equivalence of
> >> <runOnlyOnSchemaChange>true</runOnlyOnSchemaChange> ? I have Maven
> >> integration active in Eclipse so the current situation means that the
> >> classes are being generated on every build which in turn means that
> >> sources are never current. This is at least irritating.
> >
> > No such functionality is implemented at the moment. It is not a
> > problem, it just isn't there and noone noticed till now.
> Well, the current effect is that every time the Maven build is kicked
> off by
> Eclipse, the OM files are re-generated. In default setting, this happens
> every
> time I save a modified file. This slows down the build process by an
> order of
> magnitude. It would be helpful to give some hint to the user how to
> handle this (using Maven profiles or the like). I don't have a really
> good idea, though.

Probably the best idea is to reimplement the feature. Personally I do not
use it (I use maven on the command line) so I did not miss it.
Please create an issue.

> > Why would you want to reuse a criteria and clear all its content? Just
> > create a new one.
> Because it used to be that way. If it's gone, it's gone. No problem here.
> >> - I use the getAJoinB() methods in the OM classes. I have the
> >> table relation:
> >>
> >>     A - AtoB - B
> >>
> > I am not really sure about this. I never understood the logic how the
> > getSomethingJoinSomething methods were created, so it is probably a
> This feature is very helpful when dealing with m:n relations. It allows
> to access all Bs that belong to a certain A with one call. So to get all
> As that belong to a certain A is not very useful. I'll create an issue.

Yes, please.

> > Yes, in the test project pom:
> Thanks for the hint. I had some difficulties finding those examples.
> What about putting them into the docs?

Oops, I thought it was in


but it is not.
Please create an issue.

> > If the meaning is a different database vendor, then the generated code
> > the same for all vendors.
> The documentation of the option "torque.database" says that it is
> required for the "generate" goal.

Which documentation?
the only required option is torque.om.package.
But maybe there is another place in the dcs I am not aware of...



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