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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Planning
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 09:48:57 GMT
On 03.10.12 03:21, Thomas Fox wrote:
> 2) I do not see the necessity to have a source distribution for single
> modules. We already have a source distribution for all modules. Having
> single source distributions has the problem that the module builds depend
> on each other.

I already expressed my opinion that this is a bit uncommon. It would at
least not meet my expectations.

> 3) We can use db/torque/site-svnpubsub as svn location. There, a directory
> should exist for every documentation version we want to retain (even the
> newest version), e.g db/torque/site-svnpubsub/torque-4.0. There should be a
> single index.html file in the db/torque/site-svnpubsub location, which
> redirects to the current version.

I just noticed that a Maven plugin has been released to handle this. See
here: http://maven.apache.org/sandbox/plugins/maven-scm-publish-plugin/
We should check if the plugin meets the requirements.

Concerning the maintenance of old docs: I'd drop this for 3.1 and 3.2,
only keeping 3.3.

> 4) I'd suggest two months. So try starting to release 4.0 end of November.


> 5) Reorganizing would break existing svn locations. But as long as we edit
> the site accordinglis, this should not be a problem. I suggest to create a
> torque3 directory along the torque4 directory (db/torque/torque3) and move
> the torque 3 stuff in there.


> 6) In my opinion, the user sees Torque as a single toolkit. Why should he
> bother to first think into which module he must look into for
> documentation? While at this, I'd also like to move the docs to a more
> prominent place than Module Documentation/Modules/${module}/Reference in
> the current site menu structure

I believe that most people only get in touch with the maven-plugin and
the runtime. Fiddling with the generator and the templates is advanced
stuff, IMO. (Do we have some numbers to prove this?) I guess a more
prominent place for the docs could do no harm. I'd concentrate on the
most-used parts, however.

Bye, Thomas.

PS: Do we meet in Sinsheim?

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