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From Apache Jenkins Server <jenk...@builds.apache.org>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: Torque4-trunk #295
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2012 03:18:53 GMT
See <https://builds.apache.org/job/Torque4-trunk/295/changes>


[tfischer] change to hierarchical project structure - step 2

[tfischer] change to hierarchical project structure - step 1

[tfischer] reverted accidental commit

[tfischer] - use apache-release as release profile
- remove src descriptors from subprojects (going for one single source distribution)

Started by an SCM change
Building remotely on ubuntu4 in workspace <https://builds.apache.org/job/Torque4-trunk/ws/>
Updating http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/db/torque/torque4/trunk
U         torque-maven-plugin/pom.xml
A         LICENSE.txt
U         torque-runtime/pom.xml
A         NOTICE
U         torque-site/src/site/xdoc/developer-info/developer-guide.xml
U         torque-site/pom.xml
U         torque-ant-tasks/pom.xml
U         torque-generator/pom.xml
A         src
A         src/main
A         src/main/assembly
A         src/main/assembly/bin-with-dependencies.xml
A         src/main/checkstyle
AU        src/main/checkstyle/license-header.txt
AU        src/main/checkstyle/checkstyle.xml
A         pom.xml
D         torque-maven-parent/LICENSE.txt
D         torque-maven-parent/NOTICE
D         torque-maven-parent/src
D         torque-maven-parent/pom.xml
D         torque-maven-parent/KEYS
A         KEYS
U         torque-templates/pom.xml
U         torque-test/src/test/profile/postgresql/Torque.properties
U         torque-test/pom.xml
At revision 1382228
Parsing POMs
ERROR: No such file <https://builds.apache.org/job/Torque4-trunk/ws/torque4-trunk/torque4-trunk/torque-maven-parent/pom.xml>
Perhaps you need to specify the correct POM file path in the project configuration?
Skipping Cobertura coverage report as build was not UNSTABLE or better ...

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