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From Thomas Fox <Thomas....@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: ready for 4.0-alpha1 ?
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 04:12:45 GMT

>>> Also, I have forgotten one thing: The BaseManager interface does not
>>> very typesafe to me, it uses a lot the Persistent interface, and casts
>>> needed to the correct OM type. Maybe this could be improved by
>>> the BaseManager class... But then I have never used managers, I have no
>>> idea what a good interface is. Anybody interested there ?
>> Well, this obviously is my playground. However, I'm currently
>> generifying JCS, so don't expect anything soon. Maybe I can squeeze it

>Ok, in an attack of sheer madness I made an attempt to solve this. It
>happened to be code deletion, mostly, given the features of JDK 5. I'd
>ask for close inspection as I'm not used to the code base anymore.

I am not very familiar to the manager code, but from reading the changes
looked good to me. Jenkins says the tests ran ok (the hsqldb test runs the
managers test)

>A couple of comments, though:
>- Creating assemblies on every mvn install seems to be overkill to me. I
>suggest to create assemblies only on release

I'll look at the commons parent pom as you suggested and try to fix this.

>- The torque-test with MySQL failed on me because the table OPTION could
>not be created. I don't know if this is really important, but
>identifiers an be quoted with `backticks` in MySQL, which is easily
>added in the templates.

Hm, last time I ran the mysql tests they were ok although a couple of table
could not be created. Does it say "Build successful" in the end ?
I created a jira ticket for the quoting on creation issue:
Not sure, though, what happens if we access these tables from within

>- Debugging the template code is a PITA.

Hm, always has been, at least for me... Not being a velocity guy, I always
run the test project and checked the outcome...
What exactly is the problem ? Templates organization(finding things) ?

An then there's the change log (changes.cml via jira) question still open.
Do we want to continue use changes.xml in the future or do we want to use
the jira change log... ?


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