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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ready for 4.0-alpha1 ?
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 16:57:59 GMT
On 14.05.12 06:12, Thomas Fox wrote:
>> - Debugging the template code is a PITA.
> Hm, always has been, at least for me... Not being a velocity guy, I always
> run the test project and checked the outcome...
> What exactly is the problem ? Templates organization(finding things) ?

It is easy to forget something. For example, yesterday I changed several
method calls in the static methods of the managers. Then I removed the
obsolete methods. Naturally I forgot to fix some calls. This only gets
visible when I build and install the templates package and then run the
test project.

Would it be possible to provide some kind of unit tests for the
templates? E.g. for the Java code, I could imagine to just generate a
set of classes (managers and beans) and try to compile them. This would
at least care for the rough cases.

> An then there's the change log (changes.cml via jira) question still open.
> Do we want to continue use changes.xml in the future or do we want to use
> the jira change log... ?

I understand you are trying to keep the changelog in JIRA. I'm a bit
ambivalent on this one. I find the changes.xml files, reports and
announcements easy to handle and easy to read. But this is my personal
preference. As you are the one who does most of the work right now, you
are the one to decide this.

Bye, Thomas.

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