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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Criterions which do not reference a column
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2012 17:46:46 GMT
On 12.04.12 05:02, Thomas Fox wrote:
> a) I do not see how the restriction of <L extends column> solves the
> original problem, which was to be able to generate SQL such as
> select * from TABLE_1 where 0=(select count(*) from TABLE2 where

As written in my earlier post, this was re-introduced to make the other
code compile. It should not be there, obviously.

> I am also of the opinion that the benefits of using a container on
> left/right side (better type checking) are more than outweighed by the more
> comlpicated use it causes (having to write new Criterion(new Container(0),
> new Container(subqueryCriteria)) in the above case). Because of this, using
> a container is not an option IMHO.

I thought of having some kind of container internally, not exposing it
to the interface, so that and(StringColumn, Criteria) as well as
and(ColumnObject Object) can work with at least some type checking.

> So, though I do not doubt that the Criterion object can be generified, I
> still do not see the benefits of doing it.

Well, I think that the Torque API is not very type-safe as it is (the
fact that Date objects are supported in Criteria but Calendar objects
are not is not documented, for example). I would like to improve this.
On the other hand I'm not the one who can spare cycles at the moment so
it's not on me to decide. Thomas, whatever you do is fine with me.

Bye, Thomas.

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