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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Continuous integration
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 17:10:44 GMT
On 22.11.11 04:37, Thomas Fox wrote:
> The gump build for torque 4 fails for a long time now. Do we think we need
> a gump build ? If yes, does anybody have hints why the build fails ? If
> not, how do we remove it ?

IMHO Gump creates more problems than it solves. The Gump approach is a
major problem if you are working on an incompatible modifications as we
do now. For example the Turbine build has been failing for a long time
because the torque-maven-plugin has changed.

The project needs to be removed from the Gump configuration (I can do
that). We need to check what projects depend on Torque to make sure we
break no subsequent builds.

> Then, I'd like to set up a jenkins build for torque 4. The idea would be to
> build all torque components and then run the test project against an
> embeddable database (preferably derby). This will tell people in a
> reasonable time frame if the last commit broke anything. I'd volunteer to
> administer the jenkins build.

Yes, please do.

> As I understand it jenkins is different from gump because gump always takes
> the trunks as dependencies and only runs every day, whereas jenkins takes
> the real dependency versions and runs after every commit.

... which is the better solution, because what you really want to know
is whether your *current* build configuration fails, not a imaginary one.

Bye, Thomas.

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