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From Thomas Fox <Thomas....@seitenbau.net>
Subject template changes to add filler methods
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2011 11:57:23 GMT

I have locally implemented filler methods for associated objects and would
like to commit the changes.
The filler methods efficiently read related objects. E.g. for the author
and book tables in the tutorial, the generated methods are
AuthorPeer.fillBook(Collection<Author>) and BookPeer.fillAuthors
(Collection<Book>), and they fill the collBooks field of each author in the
passed list and the aAuthor field of each book in the list. The generated
filler methods collect the relevant local keys from the objects in the
passed list and retrieve the associated objects for chunks (of configurable
size) of the keys. A sample query would be SELECT * FROM BOOK WHERE
AUTHOR_ID in (${authorId1},${authorId2}, ...). This is a very fast method
of loading related objects for a list of objects (fewer query than lazy
loading, less duplicate data transferred than joins).
The methods will return lists of the retrieved objects (e.g.
AuthorPeer.fillBook(Collection<Author>) returns a list of authors) so
cascaded filling is possible.
The generated methods also work for composite foreign keys and for foreign
keys which do not reference the primary key of the referenced table.
To re-use the exising selectByPrimaryKeys() methods, I have added methods
to the object which return the foreign key for accociated objects as
ObjectKey. E.g. the Book object has the method ObjectKey
The generation of the filler methods can be switched off by a generation
option. Currently the default is that the filler methods are generated.

I have also written test cases for the filler methods. I have added a new
schema to the test project which contains possible foreign-key relations in
a systematic manner. The goal would be to migrate existing test tables and
tests which also test foreign keys to this schema
The filler tests are in a new package, org.apache.torque.generated.peer,
with the idea to split the current DataTest class into smaller test classes
for one function type each (e.g. testDoDelete, testDoSelect etc).

Any objections or comments to the above ? If not, I'll commit the changes
in a few days.


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