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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: template changes to add filler methods
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2011 20:47:33 GMT
On 19 Jun 2011, at 1:57 PM, Thomas Fox wrote:

> I have locally implemented filler methods for associated objects and  
> would
> like to commit the changes.
> The filler methods efficiently read related objects. E.g. for the  
> author
> and book tables in the tutorial, the generated methods are
> AuthorPeer.fillBook(Collection<Author>) and BookPeer.fillAuthors
> (Collection<Book>), and they fill the collBooks field of each author  
> in the
> passed list and the aAuthor field of each book in the list. The  
> generated
> filler methods collect the relevant local keys from the objects in the
> passed list and retrieve the associated objects for chunks (of  
> configurable
> size) of the keys. A sample query would be SELECT * FROM BOOK WHERE
> AUTHOR_ID in (${authorId1},${authorId2}, ...). This is a very fast  
> method
> of loading related objects for a list of objects (fewer query than  
> lazy
> loading, less duplicate data transferred than joins).
> The methods will return lists of the retrieved objects (e.g.
> AuthorPeer.fillBook(Collection<Author>) returns a list of authors) so
> cascaded filling is possible.
> The generated methods also work for composite foreign keys and for  
> foreign
> keys which do not reference the primary key of the referenced table.
> To re-use the exising selectByPrimaryKeys() methods, I have added  
> methods
> to the object which return the foreign key for accociated objects as
> ObjectKey. E.g. the Book object has the method ObjectKey
> getForeignKeyForAuthor().
> The generation of the filler methods can be switched off by a  
> generation
> option. Currently the default is that the filler methods are  
> generated.

We have needed exactly this for ages, this would be a huge help to us.


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