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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject Re: created torque 4 branch with village removed
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2010 20:36:10 GMT
Hi Thomas,

On 29.10.10 22:24, Thomas Fox wrote:
>> Of course there are a few things left to do (which I will hopefully
> tackle
>> in the next few weeks):

Great stuff you did. I thought this would need much more time. Respect.

>> - check whether to revive the doPsSelect methods or whether all selects
> can
>> use prepared statements
> Re-added BasePeer.doPSSelect() for now.

This method has some weaknesses IIRC. It dos not work correctly with
selects containing joins. I'd prefer to use prepared statements for all
selects if at all possible and I don't think we need separate methods.

>> - there was come code in doDelete which handled cascading deletes (at
> leats
>> theoretically, never saw it working) tris needs to be reimplemented
> Not re-added. The code can definitely not have worked for composite foreign
> keys because there is no way to tell a composite foreign key from the
> database map.

Still I'm pretty sure that deletes containing joins do not work
correctly. So there should be another solution some day.

>> - Maybe one can clean up LargeSelect from the reflection stuff therein
> Not while the Peers have static methods.
>> ...

I beg to differ. LargeSelect just tries to call the methods
addSelectColumns() and populateObject() on the given builder class. You
can provide any class you want here. I'd prefer to use some kind of
Builder-interface for this, however.

Bye, Thomas.

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