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From Patrick Carl <patrick.c...@web.de>
Subject Re: [Torque 4] mvn install of templates failes
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 19:41:21 GMT
Hi Thomas,

Am 05.10.2010 09:35, schrieb Thomas Fischer:
> Hi Patrick,
>>> ...
>>> - Can you run the tests inside an IDE (e.g. eclipse) and set a
> breakpoint
>>> in org.apache.torque.generator.configuration.source.EntityReferences.
>>> resolveEntity() (in the generator jar) and see whether it gets called
> and
>>> if yes why it fails ?
>> I got the project to work with NetBeans and managed to debug. The
>> resolveEntity method of EntityReferences is not called as far as I can
> see.
>> Could it have something to do with the fact that I use Linux as
>> operating system?
> I'd be astonished if yes. Rather it is the XML parser used.
> Ok we need to trace from start here. Whats should happen is the following:
> - On reading the configuration, the EntityReferenceSaxHandler in the
> package org.apache.torque.generator.configuration.source should be invoked.
> Please check that the startElement() method is hit and that on one of the
> calls the system ids ishttp://db.apache.org/torque/4.0/templates/data
> base.xsd. If yes, the references will be added to the configuration by
> org.apache.torque.generator.configuration.controller.ControlConfigurationSaxHandler
>   on line 275.

The startElement method is called and reads the following values:
systemId: http://db.apache.org/torque/4.0/templates/database.xsd
ressource: ../../xsd/database-4-0.xsd

I found out that adding the references to the configuration fails and 
creates an ConfigurationException:

"resource file

not found"

The xsd is stored actually under

Furthermore I noticed that there is no directory resources under om. But 
creating it did not change anything.

> Further action depends on the outcome of these steps.
>      Thomas

I hope the new information is helpful


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