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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject please enlighten me... attributes "abstract" and "alias" on tables
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2010 20:54:20 GMT

What is the attribute "abstract" used for? I'm curious because it does not
seem to work currently. In Torque 3.3, the following snippet is in the base
peer template:
    public static Class getOMClass()
        throws TorqueException
    public static Class getOMClass()
        throws TorqueException
#if ($table.isAbstract())
        String error = "You must implement the getOMClass method in your";
               error += " Peer object in order for things to work
               error += " This method should return the proper Class that";
               error += " represents the Peer's Business Object.";
        throw new TorqueException (error);
        return CLASS_DEFAULT;
As far as I know, static methods are bound at compile time and cannot be
overridden (i.e the BasePeer code will always access this implementation
and thus always fail).

I'm equally curious about he "alias" attribute. If it is set, some methods
are not generated in Torque 3.3 but I do not see why nor a use case. Does
anybody have one ?

     Thanks in advance for any light on this,


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