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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Release Torque-4.0-alpha1 soon? & set of supported databases
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2010 17:49:15 GMT

I am wondering whether we should do a Torque-4.0-alpha1 release in the near
In my opinion, the generator is quite stable ,the templates are also ok,
and the build tool integration seems to be working.
Nothing much has happened to the runtime, so it is not near a 4.0 release.
So this release could show where Torque 4 is heading in terms of generator
and templates, and to give folks an easy opportunity to test and find bugs.
We could release the generator, templates, maven 2 plugin and ant tasks as
4.0-alpha1, and simultaneously do a 3.3.1 release of the runtime and
Of course, this would need a bit of testing and tweaking before releasing,
but do you think it is a good idea in general? I'd volunteer as release

If we do this, we still need to think about a set of supported databases.
As I have written before, I'd prefer that we only officially support
databases where we test the integration. This would mean to drop the
non-supported platform and adapter implementations.
I am prepared to test mysql, oracle, postgresql, derby (and mssql if I
must), but I will not do more than that (administrating test databases
which I do not use personally frustrates me, and I personally only use
mysql and oracle).
Does anybody think that we should support more databases and do not thest
the integration?
Or is anybody prepared to test the future release candidates against an
other database?
If we do not reach consensus here, I'd suggest to put this to a vote.


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