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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: Release Torque-4.0-alpha1 soon? & set of supported databases
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 20:05:04 GMT

> > We could release the generator, templates, maven 2 plugin and ant tasks
> > 4.0-alpha1, and simultaneously do a 3.3.1 release of the runtime and
> > village.
> > Of course, this would need a bit of testing and tweaking before
> > but do you think it is a good idea in general? I'd volunteer as release
> > manager.
> If you actually want to do a runtime release, I'd try to have a second
> look into the village/metadata-issue.

Hm, I was thinking of doing a alpha1 release before we have a go at the
But if you think we should change the runtime first, we can also do that.

> Greg suggested to use the map
> classes for the metadata which sounds quite reasonable.

I'd rather not do it. We have all the information for processing data in a
typesafe manner, so why do we want to have a class in the middle which
stores information as a Object with no type information at all ? But
perhaps I should make a suggestion of what solution is in my mind. But
before that, we should decide whether this should happen before an alpha1
release or after.

> This would
> however require some changes in the runtime. Anybody having a strong
> feeling against the integration of the few village-classes into the

Yes, see above.

> > Does anybody think that we should support more databases and do not
> > the integration?
> Testing on DB2/AS400 would be kind of a hurdle for all of us, I believe.
> HSQL would be worth saving, I'd say. I guess as long as we don't do bad
> things to the SQL, we could deprecate the not listed databases systems
> for the next release. If some user wants to contribute test results
> and/or templates, we could remove the deprecation again.

Ok, to be honest, the problem is it costs my time to migrate the templates
to the new generator. So I'd rather not migrate templates for DB2/AS400
(although its possible, just check the output against the old output),
because I do not think anybody will ever use it and it will just be a waste
of time (which I do not have plenty at the moment).
Ok, we can do HSQL, it is commonly used, but if somebody else uses any
other database we can provide docs on how to do it and see if somebody
screams. Besides, they can always use Torque 3.3


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