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From Ivano Luberti <lube...@archicoop.it>
Subject Re: Release Torque-4.0-alpha1 soon? & set of supported databases
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 07:37:05 GMT
Since I have not been able to participate in the dev process I will stay
agnostic with respect to an alpha1 release. But.....

Il 26/09/2010 19.49, Thomas Fischer ha scritto:
> If we do this, we still need to think about a set of supported databases.
> As I have written before, I'd prefer that we only officially support
> databases where we test the integration. This would mean to drop the
> non-supported platform and adapter implementations.
> I am prepared to test mysql, oracle, postgresql, derby (and mssql if I
> must), but I will not do more than that (administrating test databases
> which I do not use personally frustrates me, and I personally only use
> mysql and oracle).

It depends on what Torque devs aim at:

1)  keep the software update for their own use: then the answer is
support only the one that devs want to be supported

2) spread the verb of Torque around the world: then the answer is no,
then the answer is support all the db that devs are operatively able to
test (obtaining a licence, install it, etc etc)

3) keep the larger possible user base: in this case devs should ask the
community and then see if the requests for asked dbs are satisfiable
with the available manpower

For what I have understood of the Torque community, I think that
adopting 1) will not encounter many objections by the community.

dott. Ivano Mario Luberti
Archimede Informatica societa' cooperativa a r. l.
Sede Operativa
Via Gereschi 36 - 56126- Pisa
tel.: +39-050- 580959
tel/fax: +39-050-9711344
web: www.archicoop.it

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