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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Torque 4 status
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:20:28 GMT

Time for another Torque 4 status.

- I am currently (but slowly) working on the tutorial, which is integrated
into the torque-site project (the torque-tutorial project will go away). A
first shot is available in svn but I have to re-read and check for errors.
I intend to add an ant part once ant integration is available, but would
need review from ant experts then.

- A first shot for ant integration of the new generator is ready. I have
implemented it as an extra module named torque-ant-tasks. As in the maven
plugin, only the generator is addressed, as I'd like to use the ant sql
task for sql execution.
If nobody objects, I'll commit this in the next few days.

- After that, I'd like to go into the direction of releasing a
torque-4.0-alpha1 release. The idea is to show where the generator is going
and hopefully get people experimenting with the code generation feature,
but change nothing in the runtime. Any comments on this ?

- I have integrated the schema from jdbc part to the generator. The
implementation is now that a special source provider in the generator reads
all the metadata into the source graph, which is then output to XML from
very simple templates in the templates project. I remember that some people
are interested in this part of Torque, I'd be happy for any reviews and of
course would help with getting it to run. No database specific features
(such as special treatments for special default values, e.g. TORQUE-142)
are implemented currently, but paches (preferably using source
transformers) are welcome.

- there is currently the old maven plugin named maven-torque-plugin in the
torque 4 branch of svn. This currently does not work I'd like to remove it
and rename the current maven-torque-generator-plugin to
maven-torque-plugin. Any objections ?


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