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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject RE: refactoring names in generator
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 18:23:50 GMT
> FYI - When I was talking about the "Generator" component for Torque,
> I was thinking that the Generator component was the holder for the
> Torque specific "build" tool "interface" code.
> I was assuming that the "Output" generator framework would eventually
> be in a separate sub project since you have expressed that it could
> become a standalone external.
> I.e., having the same structure 3.x does with Texan/Velocity... but
> with the Output code jar replacing them.

The current structure is as follows:
- The generator project contains a general text/code generation tool. It is
build-system agnostic. It does not contain any information about the torque
schema file structure.

- The templates project contain all knowlewdge about the torque schema file
structure, and how the output (java, sql, html) is created from the schema

- The maven2 plugin embeds the generator into the maven 2 build system

In the future I see the following structural changes:
- an ant plugin (not yet implemented, extra subproject) will expose the
generator as an ant task.

- currently the generator is missing the jdbc2xml (create schema file from
jdbc metadata) and sql2xml (create schema data from sql script) tasks from
the old generator. I plan to incorporate the jdbc2xml task by writing a
jdbc metadata source for reading data from jdbc metadata which then can
feed the generator.

Does anybody know of anyone using the sql2xml task ? Anybody sees the need
to support it in Torque 4 ?


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