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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject torque 4 status
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 18:38:04 GMT

Today, I imported the proposal into svn. I tagged the version before
importing, and also added the imported zip to the tags directory so we have
a record of it in svn. Then I fixed the new poms and the parent pom to
integrate the new components into the build. I excluded the old maven 2
plugin from the parent modules as it relies on the old generator.
The build and mvn eclipse:eclipse should now work.

The next steps for me would be
- get the torque 4 site into an acceptable status so we can deploy it. This
would include instructions on how to build the project so this is #1
priority for me.
- modify the new generator's tests so they write their output into
the /target directory of the module
- update the test project so it integrates with the new modules

I hope I can find some time for this later this week.

The thing which we should decide next is what do we do with the generator
features which do not have to do anything with code generation (like
jdbc2xml). The new maven plugin does not implement those. There are two
paths which we could go:
#1 Take the old generator code except the code generation and create a
module from it, (e.g. named  torque-tools) and use the old maven2 plugin
code to integrate it as maven2 plugin
#2 rewrite the old generator code so it does not use texen any more (texen
makes the non-generation code complicated to read in my opinion) and write
new code for the maven 2 plugin.

#1 is less work but keeps the old chaos. I'm not so sure that I'd
personally invest the time for #2. But maybe someone has other ideas what
would be good to do....

Also, the question is whether we should create one maven2 plugin to bundle
the torque-generator and torque-tools functionality, or whether we should
have two plugins. I'm not sure which is more user friendly because tasks
and configuration of the two areas are quite different.


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