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From Ivano Luberti <lube...@archicoop.it>
Subject newbie and generator rewriting
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 10:06:02 GMT
Hi, as suggested by Thomas I bring this discussion to the dev list.
I'm a newbie so please forgive some clueless observation.

Thomas Fischer ha scritto:
> Ivano ha scritto:
>> ...
>> Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Maven at all but I suspect it is not
>> mandatory to participate in development.
> Hm, you want at least maven2 installed and running otherwise it is quite a
> pain to get the project compiling and building. No deeper knowledge is
> required, of course.
Ok I will try to understand how to use it.

>> I have just subscribed the dev mailing list and I will wait before
>> getting code from the rep.
>> I had already made in the past some little modification to the generator
>> providing it the ability to produce xml schemas only for a subset of the
>> tables in a database.
>> I had added to the generator the ability to read from a configuration
>> file to know which tables get metadata for.
>> However I did that on my own and now I read that generator has been
>> changed a lot.
>> ...
> Ah ok, you are using the sql->xml part of the generator ? This is indeed an
> area where noone else of the torque developers is really interested in; 
May I ask why ? I had guessed that in the past as a user,  but is
something I don't understand.
Is the scenario in which you have to write code for an existing db so
The sql->xml is also useful when you change the db and you want to
regenerate the torque classes. How you do that: do you manipulate
manually the XML ?

> we
> could use help in that area. In fact, while reorganizing the generator this
> is a part that still needs rewriting (in my opinion, throw out the
> ant/texen dependency and create front ends for the different build systems.
Different build systems ? What are you thinking about besides ant and
maven ?
> Maybe one could also use ddlutils (http://db.apache.org/ddlutils/), I did
> not check this). 
I don't know the tool but I have had a look at the web site. In my
opinion the integration makes sense if the ddlutils heavily simplify the
actual code and the tool is widely used (which guarantees is powerful
and stable).
I see that they last released  it in 2007, quite a long time.

> If new features appear during this development, the better
> (personally I think the exclusion feature is needed often, to exclude
> system tables and views).
Right, in my case I have written a software that uses three different
databases, but two of them are used to import data into the main one.
Import features use only a small subset of the tables of the two dbs, so
no point in generate hundreds of classes when only few of them are used.

> If you are interested in any of that, we should discuss details on the dev
> list.
As you see I have started doing it , thanks for your introduction

dott. Ivano Mario Luberti
Archimede Informatica societa' cooperativa a r. l.
Sede Operativa
Via Gereschi 36 - 56126- Pisa
tel.: +39-050- 580959
tel/fax: +39-050-9711344
web: www.archicoop.it

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