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From Greg Monroe <Greg.Mon...@dukece.com>
Subject RE: [Proposal] A general-purpose code generation framework for torque 4
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 17:13:40 GMT
Sorry for the delay... life has been busy.

Overall, I'm currently in favor of this... one think I've had on my "if I had 
time..." wish list has been to look at auto-generating a Torque based REST 
interface.  This was one design thought I had in mind doing the XML Schema,
being able to define the DB and the REST interface info in one XML file.  Adding
in this framework, would seem to help make that a lot easier.  

OK, that said, I've looked over the docs but haven't dug into the code yet.  
My first concerns are that this seems to be fairly complex and that as a core
part of Torque, there is a risk of overall reliability going down.  I also 
worry that we may lose some functionality at least until it's identified and
restored. There are a lot of bells and whistles that have been "baked in" to 
Torque over the years.

I'm also concerned that this major design shift might delay other things that
we've thought about for Torque 4.0.  Since time will be spent testing and 
fixing things that come out of the new generator code.  But then, having a 
new aspect might bring in new help/inspire folks to work on it...lol

Finally, I'm sure we agree that the Torque project would not be the final 
place for this.  I'm on the fence if it's best to "incubate" it inside the
project or start it as a "Lab" project.  Since it would be core to Torque, 
I'm slightly more in favor of doing it inside... and moving it out as it

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> From: Thomas Fischer [mailto:fischer@seitenbau.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 2:42 PM
> To: Apache Torque Developers List
> Subject: Re: [Proposal] A general-purpose code generation framework for
> torque 4
> Following the question of whether or not add @SuppressWarnings in the
> generated source code, I have used this as a showcase for the proposed
> generator, showinh how to change the generated output without touching
> the
> original torque templates.
> The main idea is that one template-set (in this case a minimal one with
> only the changed definitions) can inherit from another template-set (the
> "normal" templates). Then the new templates can be plugged in at the
> "mergepoints" where the original templates are plugged into each other.
> This only works because the templates are relatively small each, so they
> are meaningful units to be replaced or, in this case, redefined.
> I needed to make some minor changes in the torque-gf package, because I
> did
> not think before of the particular type of re-plugging (i.e. redefinition
> of a single mergepoint). The new version is at the same place as the old
> one, http://people.apache.org/~tfischer. I did not need update the
> templates.
> I also updated the test-project, which now generates all the base peers
> with the @SuppressWarnings annotations.
> In detail, what I did in the test project is:
> - I added a minimum torque-gf configuration in /src/main/torque-gf. This
> contains the changed mergepoint definition, and the new template
> producing
> the @SuppressWarnings output
> - I changed the pom to use the /src/main/torque-gf directory as
> overriding
> directory for the om templates:
>           <execution>
>             <id>generate-sources</id>
>             ...
>             <configuration>
>               ...
>               <overrideConfigDir>src/main/torque-gf</overrideConfigDir>
>               ...
>             </configuration>
>           </execution>
>  The "overrideConfigDir" is the "child" package, which inherits all
> configuration and definitions form the "parent" in the torque-templates,
> and only overrides the changed definitions.
> That's all that is needed for the non-invasive adding of the
> @SuppressWarnings output.
>      Thomas
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