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From David Ware <da...@reeltwo.com>
Subject Fun village behavior
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2008 03:07:00 GMT
Just an FYI for my ongoing DB2 journey. I'm past the SQL schema 
generation phase and onto the runtime bits.

I was/am having some trouble with saving objects. I eventually started 
putting some printlns into village to see what kind of sql it was doing.
They looked like:

  INSERT INTO <tablename> ( ) VALUES ( )

Turns out village doesn't persist columns unless the meta data it has 
stored for that column returns false on a Column.readOnly() call.
Unfortunately the way village collects this data is to go:

  SELECT <column1>, <column2> ... FROM <tablename> WHERE 1 = -1

And then use the values from the ResultSetMetaData.  Now I'm not sure 
how JDBC Drivers are suppose to behave but the DB2 one that I'm using
will return true for a ResultSetMetaData.isReadOnly() only if you did 
something like:


The upshot is I'm going through commenting out the readOnly() checks 
from Record.java as they appear to be largely useless for my purposes.

Dave Ware

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