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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Proposed Torque 3.3 final release - please test RC-3 now
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 23:17:24 GMT
We are looking to cut Torque 3.3 final in the next week or so.

We would appreciate it if you could test RC-3 with your applications and 
report any issues ASAP.



Thomas Vandahl wrote:
> The Torque team is pleased to announce the Torque 3.3-RC3 release!
> http://db.apache.org/torque/
> What is Torque?
> Torque is an object-relational mapper for Java. In other words, Torque
> lets you access and manipulate data in a relational database using Java
> objects. Unlike most other object-relational mappers, Torque does not
> use reflection to access user-provided classes, but it generates the
> necessary classes (including the Data Objects) from an XML schema
> describing the database layout.
> Changes in this version include:
>   New Features:
> o Removed Village meta data check for read only column status. This is
>   not fully supported by a lot of JDBC drivers and causes Torque to fail
>   with Derby's JDBC network driver.
> o Maven 2 plugin: Added the attribute delimiterType for the sqlExec
>   goal.
> o Implemented the goal id-broker-init-sql in the Maven2 plugin. Issue:
>   TORQUE-101. Thanks to Marc Kannegiesser.
> o Added copy(..) and add&amp;lt;ForeignKey&amp;gt;(..) methods with a
>   connection parameter. Issue: TORQUE-99. Thanks to Tobias Hilka.
> o OrderBy now accepts column names without a dot. No additional
>   processing is made for these. Issue: TORQUE-89. Thanks to Stefan
>   Birrer.
> o Added a datadtd goal to the maven2 plugin.
> o Added torque.beanExtendsClass property that defines a fully qualified
>   class name (e.g. org.apache.struts.action.ActionForm) that the base
>   bean classes will extend.
>   Fixed bugs:
> o Added better handling in Village for BigDecimal values. Double and
>   Float types will be converted using appropriate constructors rather
>   than the somewhat buggy BigDecimal(String) constructor. Issue:
>   TORQUE-53.
> o Corrected invalid cast in TorqueRuntimeException.splitStackTrace.
>   Issue: TORQUE-103. Thanks to Jonathan Purvis.
> o Remove 'COMMENT ON...' output from generated SQL for Sybase as these
>   commands do not exist in Sybase's sql. Issue: TORQUE-104. Thanks to
>   Sylvain Benoist.
> o The suffix parameter to the Maven2-plugin's sql task now works. Thanks
>   to Marc Kannegiesser.
> o Avoid to call JDK 1.5 code when creating BigDecimals. Issue:
>   TORQUE-97. Thanks to Markus Müller.
> o Fixed Null Pointer Exceptions in Criteria.equals() and
>   Criteria.hashCode() if joins are null. Issue: TORQUE-90. Thanks to
>   Sean Gilligan.
> o Changed the maven2 plugin's datadump goal to accept only a single
>   schema xml. Multiple schema xmls produced illegal output.
> o Fixed the maven2 plugin's datasql goal to do the same as the ant and
>   maven1 datasql task.
> o Fixed problem with somePeer.doDelete(Criteria) if criteria contains a
>   join. Issue: TORQUE-93.
> o Fixed handling of the enableJava5Features config parameter in the
>   maven 2 plugin. Issue: TORQUE-88.
> o Fixed handling of select statements in mysql and postgresql if offset
>   is set but limit is not set in a query. Issue: TORQUE-87.
>   Removed features:
> o maven2 plugin: removed the property idTableXmlFile from the sql and
>   id-table-init-sql goals. The property never was passed by the mojo and
>   also does not work correctly in the generator. Use the goal
>   id-table-init-sql to create sql for id tables instead.
> The vote for this release can be found in
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/db-torque-dev/200801.mbox/%3c4787D21D.2010301@apache.org%3e

> Have fun!
> -The torque team

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