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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject Re: Any reason not to move to 3.3 final yet?
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 22:02:07 GMT
Greg Monroe wrote:
> Sounds good, I see no problems with this.  My only minor 
> procedural thoughts are:
> We probably should allow at least three weeks / a month 
> after the RC3 candidate for people to get around to 
> testing their apps with it. But none of the RC2->RC3 
> changes in the log seem likely to generate big "gotcha's".
> But our major QA testing is always the user base.
I have no problem with this, but I would definitely like to avoid:
1. a long delay such as that seen between earlier 3.3 RC releases
2. additional changes being committed other than fixes to identified 
RC-3 issues

If RC-3 is in use by Thomas V., Thomas F., yourself (Greg) and myself 
(and Jeffery too) then this is a fairly high testing mark for us 
anyway.  The time pressure from me is that I am pushing for a Turbine 
release and we need Torque 3.3 final before we can proceed.
> Along with this, we should make a "formal" announcement
> to the user and dev lists that we're planning for a quick
> 3.3 release.  Please test RC3 against your apps, etc.
IMO this is not necessary, or at least it is implicit in the fact that 
it is an RC.
> Also, during this period, we committers probably should
> limit code check-ins, e.g. only very minor changes / 
> show stopper bug fixes (if any).
This should have been the case since RC-1.
> These are just some top of the mind thoughts about how
> to do this.. take them or leave them.

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