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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject [ann] new mailing list archive markmail.org
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 09:55:26 GMT

There is a  nice new searchable archive of our lists:



> (A forwarded email from Jason Hunter)
> For the last few months I've been working on a new project: a web
> site for interacting with email archives.  We're using, as the
> site's initial content set, the public Apache mailing list archives
> -- because Apache is the community I know best and I think people
> here will find the site useful.  We've loaded a bit over 4,000,000
> emails across 500 lists.
> http://apache.markmail.org
> As you'll see with the chart on the home page, one of our goals with
> the site has been to focus heavily on analytics.  We have lots of
> graphs and counts, and you're able to use them to watch Apache's
> historical growth and each individual project's growth.  Every query
> you write gets its own histogram chart.
> Another goal has been interactivity.  Every search result screen gives
> you lots of ways to refine your search (by sender, list, attachment
> type, etc).  Plus we did a lot with keyboard shortcuts.  You can hit
> "n" and "p" to move to the next and previous result and "j" and "k" to
> move up and down the thread view.  There's a lot of little things like
> this.  Plus if your result message includes Office or PDF files
> they're in-line interactive too.
> http://apache.markmail.org/search/ext:ppt+axis
> Another goal has been to focus on community.  We could have launched
> MarkMail with 50,000,000 emails from many sources but I think it's
> better to start with focus.  In fact, I'll be at ApacheCon and the
> Hackathon next week, along with my co-developer Ryan Grimm,
> looking for people's suggestions and maybe on the spot adding in a
> few of them.  There's also potential to explore some fun one-off
> analytics, too.
> As part of the focus on communities, we setup MarkMail so it
> recognizes that Apache itself consists of many communities.  If you go
> to http://apache.markmail.org you search all Apache emails, but if you
> go to http://struts.markmail.org then you're auto-limited to just
> Struts lists.  Same for tomcat, spamassassin, httpd, and so on.  You
> can always limit your search using "list:struts" in your query, but
> using the domain handles that a bit more elegantly.
> I've been working on this a long time, and I'm so happy to be able to
> share it with everyone.  I hope you all find this useful!
> Notes on using the site:
> * Search using keywords as well as from:, subject:, extension:, and
>    list: constraints
> * The GUI doesn't yet expose it, but you can negate any search item,
>    like -subject:jira.
> * You can sort results by date by adding order:date-forward or
>    order:date-backward to your query
> * Remember to use "n" and "p" keyboard shortcuts to navigate the search
>    results
> * You're going to want JavaScript enabled
> If you'd like to send me private feedback I'm jhunter at apache dot org.
> -jh-

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