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From "Tobias Hilka" <thi...@vps.de>
Subject Problems executing BasePeer.doUpdate(Criteria, Criteria, Connection)
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 17:15:47 GMT
Hello everyone,

We are having trouble executing the doUpdate(Criteria, Criteria, Connection)
method from BasePeer. The update we want to perform is changing the value of
a field of type BOOLEANINT and we use a Boolean object to express the new
state of the object in the update Criteria, we get an error conserning the
value we want to insert in the table.

We tried it both, for MSSQL Server and Oracle, and each time we got an error

org.apache.torque.TorqueException: com.workingdogs.village.DataSetException:
Bad conversion: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "false"
	at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.access$000(BasePeer.java:79)
	at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer$4.process(BasePeer.java:1220)
	at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.processTables(BasePeer.java:1736)
	at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.doUpdate(BasePeer.java:1215)

For Oracle:
Don't have the exact message any more, but something like: Update to null
not possible.

Debugging this problem I found that there is a doUpdate(Criteria,
Connection) method for each BasePeer. Therein the method
correctBooleans(criteria) is called which replaces Boolean.TRUE to
Integer(1) and Boolean.FALSE to Integer(0). I can not find this call in the
BasePeer.doUpdate(Criteria, Criteria, Connection) method.

Could it be that this call is missing there or is there any other treatment
of this problem there?

Thank you for your help.

Have a nice weekend.


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