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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Db-torque Wiki] Update of "NextRelease" by ThomasFischer
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2006 10:56:02 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by ThomasFischer:

The comment on the change is:
Removed suggestions that are already implemented

  = Development information =
- == Planned for the next release ==
-  * remove the old, deprecated and buggy !ConnectionPool - '''done''' 
-  * drop support for idMethod = sequence | autoincrement - '''done''' 
-  * add scale attribute for columns - '''done''' 
-  * Add support for outer joins - '''done''' 
-  * Add some basic schema support at runtime and generate time - '''done''' 
-  * add domain element to schema.xml (name, type, javaType, size, scale) - '''done'''
-    * the domains can be reused in any column
-    * this allows to map jdbc types to domains and solves the problem with definitions like
-  * add platform package to replace db.prop files - '''done'''
-  * add generation of simple beans for data objects. Generate methods to convert data objects
into beans and vice versa - '''done'''
  == Further Suggestions ==
-  * Allow override of database name at generation time - '''done''' 
     * If specified the torque.database.name property should be user rather than name attribute
of the database tag.  This would make it much easier to handle multiple instances of an application
on a single system, e.g. dev and test database instances being generated from a single schema.
   * Is it just me or are a number of the torque properties required to be declared outside
of the file referred to in torque.contextProperties?  Could the Torque Maven plugin read the
properties in as well, making it so that project.properties need only define torque.contextProperties?
 This would make it much easier to handle multiple application instances built from the same
environment (I run a number of filters across my properties file to customise it for the application/database
instance I am generating before I execute the generator).
   *  Provide for an encoding attribute on the database element - to be used in create database
statement for PostgreSQL (and presumably others).
@@ -25, +11 @@

  -- ScottEade 2003-10-09
   * The jdbc target (torque:jdbc goal in Maven-speak) needs to generate the correct DDL SQL
for PostgreSQL serial columns (see: ["PostgreSQLFAQ"]) -- ?ScottEade 2004-08-20
- ----
-  * Modify the equals method in class BaseObjet to not only test primary key but objet class
to. With torque 3.1, 2 Torque's objets of different class but with the same primary key are
considered "equals".
- -- CL 2003-11-09

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