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From froud khodai <frou...@earthlink.net>
Subject Re: Unsubscribe-torque=froud10@earthlink.net
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 03:52:55 GMT

On Nov 14, 2006, at 07:06, Greg Monroe wrote:

> In preparation for the first 3.3 RC, I've been running
> the test project against several DBs recently: MS SQL,
> different MySQL versions, Derby (JDBC Driver), and a
> quick run at HypersonicSQL.
> (Quick FYI aside:  Derby has problems with that I'm
> working out)
> Here's some thoughts that have come out of this process.
> 1) The test-project properties can have a lot of
> different build properties, such as: beans/nobeans;
> idBrokerMethod; managers/no manager; and the like.
> It seems like we should have an agreed upon set of
> test run properties that need to be used against a
> database type to say it's truly passed the tests.
> In other words, the test-project needs to be run
> several times against a DB with each run having a
> different set of properties, E.g. with Beans, with
> Beans/Managers, with native/idBroker methods,
> and the like.
> There's a lot of combinations, so which ones make
> sense?
> 2) Should there be semi-standardized reporting of
> Test-project runs with new version RCs?  I.e., ask
> folks to test it against their DB, and then send
> in a report with OS, JVM, DB Version, JDBC Driver,
> and results of each test run type?
> 3) Should there be a core of required DB's that have
> to be tested and pass before a version is released?
> E.g., MySQL, Derby ('cause we're part of the DB
> project!), Postgres, Oracle, DB2, and MS SQL/Sybase
> come to mind.  DB2 is the only one I haven't seen
> mentioned here in a while.
> 4) Do we want to "publish" this info anywhere?  E.g.,
> in the final version release notes have a list of
> DB versions, JDBC versions that Torque was tested
> against before release.
> FWIW, if we can decide on the set of test run
> criteria, I'll take a pass at doing an Ant script
> to set up the conditions and call Maven to do the
> tests against a DB in one step.  (Probably can do
> this with a Maven uber project, but I can do it
> faster in ant then figuring out the Maven property
> inheritance quirks.)
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