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From "Greg Monroe" <Greg.Mon...@DukeCE.com>
Subject RE: Some thoughts on new version testing.
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 21:16:47 GMT
Here's some further thoughts on this:

There seems to be three major testing categories here:

DB Specific Tasks (Need to run against major DBs):
  SQL generation, et. al.
  A subset of standard code tests like limits, like 
     escaping, booleans, and the like.
  Autoincrement/idBroker methods.
  And a general all tests work.

OM Code Generation Variations (DB indendent)
  Major functional items, like managers, beans, etc.
  Minor functional items, like add addSaveMethod, etc.

Code Structure Options
  Package names
  Object prefixes

Code Structure Options

I'll start with Code Structure items.  These can be tested
for the most part by simply defining non-standard values 
(because we'd know already if the defaults didn't work)
to these options and verifing that they compile and pass 
the test (mostly just compile).  

There is also an secondary test for them in the fact that 
some test case code references the OM classes and won't 
compile if these packages don't match.

These options can be set permanently in the test-project
project.properties file and never modified.  All test 
run will "validate" them.

Here are the options I'd put in this category.  

  torque.addTimeStamp (Just to check for compile problems)

DB Specific Tasks

The DB specific stuff can probably be handled by running two 
standard tests against the DB similar to:

  torque.test.base.idMethod = idbroker
  torque.generateBeans = true;
  torque.useMangers = false;
  torque.objectIsCaching = false;

  torque.test.base.idMethod = native
  torque.generateBeans = false;
  torque.useMangers = true;
  torque.objectIsCaching = true;

These should validate the SQL generation and catch any major
"gotchas" in the DB Adaptor related code.  

There will be some minor issues around DB's that don't support
autogenerated fields and idMethod=native, but they are getting

OM Code Generation 

IMHO, there are major functional options, minor functional 
options, and some that probably should be deprecated.

The major options are ones that really effect the code 
generations a great deal and have the most chance of generating
unusable code.  These are:


The minor options are:


I'll probably start some controversy by suggesting that IMHO 
the following options should be deprecated and the code 
generated made non-optional in 4.0:

  torque.complexObjectModel (maybe not?)

Anyway, as to testing... if we drop the minor options from 
the list or just slip them in as a minor variation of the
major ones.  We could run 64 tests with all variations, but
a lot of them would fail.

Two of the options are currently required for the test cases
to succeed.  These are:


If we drop these out and then it becomes a reasonable 16
combinations of the following:


We probably can just run 10 if we just run enableJava5 against
a couple of variations of the the other 3, rather than all

So ideally, to up the odds that a release is good, there would 
10-16 runs to test the OM code variations and 2 x the common
DBs.  The OM code variations could be wrapped in a small
Ant script (or shell script / batch file ) to make it easier
to run.  

Thoughts, gapping holes in my logic (would be the first time..),
improvements, whatever...

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