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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Torque 4.0 plan
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 22:06:56 GMT

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Jonathan Purvis wrote:

> Hi,
> Everything about the Torque 4.0 plans sounds good to me, especially
> getting rid of Village.  However this one won't work:
>> - Use Java 5 style generics and enumerations. One can use compiler
>> settings to produce pre-1.5-executable class files.
> The autoboxing in 1.5 of int to Integer uses Integer.valueOf(int),
> which doesn't exist in 1.4.  Also, javac won't let you:
>  $ javac -target 1.4 Generic.java
>  javac: target release 1.4 conflicts with default source release 1.5
>  $ javac -target 1.4 -source 1.5 Generic.java
>  javac: source release 1.5 requires target release 1.5

You are right, I was not aware of this. So what do we do ? I'd guess most 
people will use java 1.5 by the time the new release is ready (I do not 
think less than a year's development time is realistic), but I'm also sure 
there are some users who cannot use Java 1.5.

Supporting 1.5 in the generator is the minimum option (we have that 
already), but my original idea was to port the runtime and the other stuff 
as well.

I'd guess if we do not do it in the step towards 4.0 we'll never make that 

I'm undecided. Any opinions ?


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