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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Opinions on adding new -D option to test-project cmd line
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 21:18:55 GMT
I'm not sure what to think here. Personally, I do not like the "extends" 
logic in the test project at all. The reason why it is needed is that I 
do not know any other way to get the db specific driver into the maven 

The problem with the -D entry and the extends clause is the very cryptic 
error message you get if you do not specify the property properly. And I 
do not see how the extends path helps to iterate over different settings.

The driver issue does not exist in the different environments here, so I 
do not think another extends path entry is necessary. In fact, I'd feel 
more comfortable with a simple ant script which e.g. invokes the command 
line "maven -D...." and puts in other property files each time it runs. 
Maybe the other properties can also be set via -D.  No idea if that is 
possible, it is just a crazy idea.

But you have thought more about this than I have, so if you think it is 
the best possible solution it's fine with me.

In all cases, I would not put too much effort in it. I am going to propose 
to switch the build process to maven 2 in the 4.0-SNAPSHOT branch shortly, 
and if that's accepted, this will not be reusable in maven 2.


On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, Greg Monroe wrote:

> I've been working on a modification to the Test-project
> run scripts to make it easier to test with the various
> option combinations.  See:
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/db-torque-dev/200611.mbox/%3c8F
> 5843B903F59D4C8C6806BB49A3911901E92738@dukece-mail3.dukece.com%3e
> Before I get too far into working on this, I thought I'd
> poll folks to see if the basic design is OK.
> The goal here is to be able to do test runs using a
> combination of locally defined DB settings (e.g., the
> existing profiles) and a set of pre-defined Torque
> Generation options.  This way you just define your
> local test DB info once. Then run the test-project
> against the combinations of options sets you need.
> The best way to do this is to expand on how the
> existing test-project uses <extends> tags in it's
> project.xml file to work.  E.g., all test runs require
> the command line option:
> -Dtorque.test.profile=<db>
> which causes the <db> profile's project.properties to be
> added to the test-project's project.properties.
> The change I'm proposing (and have a proof of principal
> version done), is to modify the <extents> chain so that
> the test-project extends a generation option set which
> extends the db profile set. This means doing a test run
> would now require a command line with an additional
> option.  E.g.:
> maven -Dtorque.test.profile=mysql -Dtorque.test.options=db-test1
> Where db-test1 is be a directory located under a
> run-options directory (like the profile directory)
> containing a project.properties file with a set of
> Torque generation options and a simple project.xml file.
> The reason to do it this way is that project.properties
> are immutable, i.e. once set they can not be changed.  So,
> having the run options low in the extends chain ensures
> you are testing what you think you are and not some leftover
> settings in a local DB profile.
> I'm planning on created the sets needed to do all the
> option combination specified in the dev e-mail referenced
> (plus documentations, etc).
> For quick development testing, this should be a minor
> change.  Just update whatever method you use in testing
> mods to include your favorite option set(s).  (FWIW,
> the two db specific tests described probably cover 80-90%
> of possible problems).  If you have a personal favorite set
> of options, just create your own run-options directory.
> To validate a patch with the SVN head, just check out
> a sandbox version of torque, apply the patch, copy in
> your local db profiles, and run the appropriate set
> of tests. This would be very easy to script the run
> process (and maybe eventually do a results roll up).
> Thoughts?  Other ways to do this? Enhancements? etc.
> Greg
> Greg Monroe <Monroe@DukeCE.com> (919)680-5050
> C&IS Solutions Team Lead
> Duke Corporate Education, Inc.
> 333 Liggett St.
> Durham, NC 27701
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